Drive Shaft Couplings

Metaflex Drive Shafts are ideally suited for connecting machines which are far apart. Distances upto 4000 mm in single span and upto 20000 mm in multiple spans have been covered by our Drive Shaft couplings.


  • Rollover on a Coupling in the left for a brief overview.
  • Single Span - for Cooling Tower

    • With over-size Tube - requires no mid support Bearing.
    • Easy removal of spacer without shifting Motor / Gearbox.
  • Unique SBB Flexible Drive Shafts.

    • Specially Suitable for Cooling Tower Fan Drives.
    • Large Misalignment Capacity.
    • Dampen & absorb vibrations.
  • Unique SB Composite Drive Shaft

    • Single Span - for Cooling Tower.
    • Tube Carbon Fibre/Mixed Carbon Fibre + Glass Fibre.
    • With over-size Tube - requires no mid support Bearing...