• Metaflex CouplingsCouplings specially designed for Petrochemical Industry meeting API 610 requirements. Can be supplied to meet API 671 requirements. More »
  • Drive Shaft CouplingsIdeally suited for connecting machines which are far apart. Distances upto 4000 mm in single span and upto 20000 mm in multiple spans have been covered by these. More »
  • Floating Shaft Couplings Metaflex Floating Shafts are ideally suitable for connecting machines relatively far apart. Typical uses are Paper Machinery Drive , Vertical Pump Drive, etc. More »
  • Flexilink Coupling Couplings

    Flexilink coupling is used to connect shaft to shaft or flange depending on its type. Its unique feature is that it can be removed in situ without disturbing connecting machines. More »

  • Cardan Shaft They are suitable for connecting equipment which are far apart and/or substantially off-set from each other. More »
  • DryfluidProduct Details will be available on Request.
  • Pin Bushwith barrel shaped buffers in a design based on lower stress on buffers as well as pins offer a cheap solution to most drive requirements. More »
  • Double DiaphragmAvailable in a range of torque ratings upto 305000 nm are ideally suited for drives where torsional vibrations are of prime consideration. More »
  • GearAvailable in a range to cater for torque ratings upto 114000 nm with triple crowning on gear teeth, they provide a most reliable and economic solution to many drive requirements. More »
  • TyreTyre Type Couplings first introduced in the country in late 6qs-now available in a vast range of sizes for nominal torque ratings upto 145000 nm. More »


UNIQUE also undertakes the manufacture of many other mechanical power transmission devices according to customers' requirements/ specifications. These include "V" pulley, variable speed pulley, oldham couplings, etc. and spares for many well known imported makes of couplings.

Unique also makes a wide range of flexible, rubberized and coated abrasive grinding and polishing tools. Separate catalogue is available on request.

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