Custom Couplings

UNIQUE also undertakes the manufacture of many other mechanical power transmission devices according to customers' requirements/ specifications. These include "V" pulley, variable speed pulley, oldham couplings, etc. and spares for many well known imported makes of couplings.

Unique also makes a wide range of flexible, rubberized and coated abrasive grinding and polishing tools. Seperate catalogue is available on request.

Metaflex Coupling with shear pin

Special type of metaflex coupling with overload protection with shear pins

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Gear Coupling with speed sensing disc

Special type of gear coupling with speed sensing disc used for hydro-turbine driven generators.

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Carbon Fibre Composite Tubular Shaft

It is long Span, light weight, low vibration, and specially suitable for Cooling Tower Fan Drive

  • 6" ID Tube for Lengths upto 4.4 metres , 1500 RPM- Total Driver shaft weight inclusive of hubs 40 Kg appx
  • 8" ID Tube for Lengths upto 5.0 metres , 1500 RPM- Total Drive shaft weght inclusive of Hubs  60 Kg appx

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